I Think I Can See The Future

my dreams are predictions of the future i have had many dream where something happens and then the next day or a few days after the dream it will come true the most recent was about a week ago i had a dream about my friend isaiah crying trying to hide it and then me cheering him up. Well the next morning in first period we were typing papers up he got done before me so he went back into the classroom after i was done i went in to. i looked over at him and saw his hand covering his face and his face really red i could tell he was crying i walked over to him and sat we started talking about what was wrong and by the time the bell rang he was smiling and laughing again!
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I am very serious as I add my comments.

All of my life I have dreamed about death. The dreams started when I was around 12. The dreams were scary but realistic.

Even as a child, teen, and now as an adult the dreams are in color as if watchimg a movie. I xan hear every sound, smell the atmosphere, and feel the physical and emotional pain.

Over the past 15 or so years the dreams are not as current. I now feel pain and sorry. I normally have a sad music playlist before the emotions. Within days or a couple of months there is a death of a relative or friend. This went on for time but now the feelings are shifting.

It seems that lately I am feeling my own death. Even the music has changed. I feel like there is a presence, watching me. I feel like hell is waiting for me to do something wrong.

For 3 decades my feelings never included me. Why now?

Years ago I made a statement stating that end of the world will come when MAN runs out of ideas. The world be full of remakes of old shyt.

Was I right?

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you can see people's airborne: it's little particle in the air. Embrace what you have, but also be aware that you're in control.
In my theory and how i'm dealing with this is that there are multiply universe and their changed with ours. We have a destiny and we are able to change it. I'm going to be honest there are serious outcomes. Be prepared for new experiences.

Once I was at scouts, we were doing something with compasses and while someone was saying what to do I was thinking, this has happened before and I know what is going to happen next and it round about did! My mum said it is deja vu is not predicting what is going to happen!

I am having the same experience. My dreams actually turn to reality. I wouldsee something in a dream and it would happen the next day. I also notice buidings, places, people I have never been to or seen in a dream and I would encounter them months later. It happens daily for me now, it's crazy. I believe I am seeing my future.

Hi there, one reason I joined EP was to discuss and write about my dreaming. Glad to read similar accounts of people having precognitive dreams. @morningangel interested to hear how one can improve this 'talent'
I keep a dream journal.
I'm starting to understand my dreams have different meanings depending on a level. There's superficial layers, like when I'm just enjoying hypnagogic shapes fully lucid, there's deeper levels where it seems like self v self or when I'm meeting some character that feels very important and numinous.
And precognitive ones of course! When something very specific happens in the waking life that you have dreamed about, like meeting an old friend, it can be very special indeed.

I too have predictive dreams, not every night mind you, however I often have dreams about people and places that I have not yet met or not yet been too, usually months in advance. I find it rather disconcerting when I encounter the people or places from my dreams. I am unsure of what to do. Am I having these dreams because I am supposed to change what happens or should I allow things to unfold as they did in the dream. The dreams often have to do with conflict or negative occurrences, they rarely directly effect me, mostly they effect friends or soon to be friends. Any thoughts?

Some dreams show inevitable facts, while others invite the dreamer to change the course of events. The World Dream Bank has a fantastic section of precognitive dreams, where you can find examples of both categories. There are several famous cases too... I am particularly interested in this kind of dream, as I believe it demonstrates that time and space do not really exist.

Hello Timeless Eyes,

Very interesting insight. Could you please explain in more detail how you believe that these types of dreams demonstrate that time and space do not really exist? Thank You(:

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Fantastic. I interpret dreams, and this is exactly the kind of dream that interests me. I wonder if you have some more to share? I'd love to hear them :)

anytime just message me!!:)