Missed Meal

I have been having the same dream at least once a week for over 6 months or so. It is not always exactly the same but it is very similar. I am going to school and I always miss breakfast/lunch. By the time I walk in the cafeteria the lunch ladies are closing their stations or have only a few items left. Sometimes in the dream I forget my lunch card or have no money to even buy milk. Sometimes I try and get to the cafeteria early but the line is so long there is nothing left to eat by the time I arrive.Sometimes the cafeteria ladies tell me to talk to someone else because I'm not in their system. Its a very frustrating dream and I really want to stop having it! Maybe it's trying to tell me something but what? Will I ever have that yummy cafeteria meal?
LunaDee LunaDee
1 Response Nov 8, 2012

Your dream suggests you have feelings of frustration and urgency in a certain area of your life. Probably you always find yourself having to deal with unexpected obstacles and worrying that it might be too late to achieve an ideal. This dream is not conclusive though, it is more like a factual statement made by your unconscious mind, a sort of echo of your conscious thoughts. Things can certainly take a turn for the better in the future :)