When my grandpa first passed a couple years ago I used to ask him to come to me in a dream all the time. After awhile I stopped asking. Then, last night out of no where he came to me. The dream was very vivid but what I do remember I was at my childhood school and he was showing me various symbols. In my dream I was aware that he was showing me things that symbolized something just not what they actually meant. The only two things I remember for sure was a dead flower and also an alive flower. Then I dreamt that I woke up and wrote down a list of the things he had shown me. As I said the only thing I remembered was a dead and also an alive flower. Come to find out I was actually still dreaming and never wrote the things down. I had just dreamt that i had woken up after the dream to write them down. Somebody help please!!
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Yes, I forgot that detail- it might be a reminder that the message- "be yourself, don't let society kill your own deepest truths"- should not be forgotten, but "written on" your memory. Sorry for not writing this as a reply to your comment, my cell phone sometimes doesn't open reply windows :)

Wow. Thank you. Very inspirational

Fantastic symbols! In my view, each flower symbolizes one possibility: genuine, deep and rich psychic life, with a true connection to your innermost self leading to a joyous sense of fulfillment; or adopting a set of collective attitudes that don't really mirror your natural tendencies, and crush every spontaneous manifestation of your unconscious mind. A great dream! :)

Thank you!!! The weirdest part was Dreaming that I woke up and wrote everything down but actually didn't. Interesting outlook thank you!!!