Waking Up Crying

Two nights ago from now, I had a dream about seeing my ex boyfriend, and also my current boyfriend. It started from when I was approaching a house, and then I see my ex... Inside, I felt happy to see him from how much I missed him so much, and I starting saying things to him that I wouldnt dare to tell, like telling him that i missed him, that I wanted him to stay with me longer, and not move (since thats what he is going to do in the waking life) I told him everything. And I started to cry... he was packing. Right there he stood, and said " Just.... forget about me." and then he walked off out the door. I cried harder, and watched him walk away... and then i see my former boyfriend standing somewhere watching me and went walking with some people.
Later, I woke up crying next to my boyfriend on the same bed. I felt so sad, and i didn't want to tell him anything about this dream... maybe because this is what I really feel about my ex.
xluhhv xluhhv
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012