Dream World

People use the term dream world loosely. Or maybe I say that because I really do have a dream world. It's not a recurring dream and it's not the same every time I go. But it's perfect. Idk how it came to be. And it's like Narnia In a way because every time I dream of it again there's something and someone new. But they're all kinda waiting on me. It's never toocrowded. Two of the most consistent things in the world are my house, which is big and beautiful. It's by a beach. And there's a pizzeria that's just so familiar. I go there every time I dream of my world. It's not lucid dreaming though. At least I don't think. I don't control myself or have any way to make myself dream and re-dream of this place. It just happens. Last time I went a bunch of relatives were living in my mansion but I was an actress with a butler and all the works. And I had a little brother, about five, tht I was the guardian of. For some reason the butler didn't like my little brother but idk why. Anyway, I cherish the place. It's unique and beautiful and such an escape. I hope I go back, but that's not guarenteed.
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Nov 26, 2012