I Dont Think I Am. I Am Sure Not.

i have a bisexual friend. we were in the same clique. i was close with her. anyways, i treat her the same as i treat all my other friends who are girls. so recently i had a dream about her. basically in that dream we were a couple. (i dont know how that happen since i am straight). but in the dream, we were in a bus together. she moved in and wanted to kiss me. i was hesitant, unsure. she leaned in and manage to give me a peck on my lips. i froze. she suspected something was not right. she looked at me kindly and said "are you sure you want to be with me?" in a tone that suggests whether i agreed to be her girlfriend just because i am afraid that she would not want to befriend me anymore. the way she says it is as if she understands that i am not a lesbian and we will still be good friends even if i am straight.
after that i woke up.
thelostgirlq thelostgirlq
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012