i had this weird dream whereby i actually started smoking cigarettes. it was weird because i cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke and i hate cigarettes. the weirdest part was my mum was the one who caught me smoking and wanted to TEACH me the right way to smoke so that it will be less harmful. i mean parents are not suppose to even approve of their child smoking?(in the case whereby my parents dont smoke). and since then, sometimes i have this strong urge to just try smoking. ):
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I think your dream was symbolic. The mother is a classic symbol for the very unconscious in dreams: a message from your mother is a message from your deepest self. If she caught you smoking and wanted to teach you how to do it in a less harmful way, this might indicate that you rely on some kind of behavior pattern- possibly a social persona- that is not totally free of negative effects for you, so your unconscious mind is inviting you to reflect on how to use this pattern without getting hurt- how to play the social game without letting your own individuality, self-esteem, freedom etc. be affected.

thank you for your comment, it really is helpful for me. (: i really really appreciate it.

You are most welcome, I am glad I could help :)

do you still smoke? :/

i dont smoke. and i hope i wont start! (:

oh thank god! i know you wont.i mean you do know whats bad and whats good for you,and im sure you'll make the right decision :)

(: yeap. hehe.