i was at stonehenge,walking with seven sisters in white. they had a symbol of a moon and sun(like an eclipse) with a cresent moon and star,as while. need help with this one
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the moon is centered with the sun with a silhotte of three women head to shoulders. the cresent moon is suspend by three chain links (cresent moon is balanced) a star is susped by three chain links off the tip of the cresent moon

Dreaming of seven is a sign to continue study, start a new hobby, look into alternative healing, while the eclipse description depends on what side was showing more whether it was the moon or the sun.
To dream of the eclipse of the sun, could denote temporary failure in business and other worldly affairs, also disturbances in families.
The eclipse of the moon, indicates contagious disease or death.
Now also take into consideration that these women were dressed in white, this is a spiritual meaning, as in the dream was meant in a spiritual sense.
Hope this helps.