My Emotional Dream About My Kids

I had the strangest dream last night, long story short, i am in a grocery store, with my two kids and my step kid. I got distracted but noticed almost immediately that my kids were running out the front door of the store. I only saw my two kids though then i turn and see my step kid is right behind me, he had this look of being scared on his face. I got him by the hand and said let's go get them, and so we walk into this really crowded street with so many people, i can clearly see my two kids holding hands and running through laughing and enjoying, i keep yelling but they can't hear me. They end up on top of a bridge i see and i see them up there then i see them stop, and realize they are lost, my oldest one starts to cry, and i start running toward them, when i come upon a busy street with lots of heavy traffic. The cars keep zooming through and i know there's not way i'll ever cross cuz there's no stoplight? so then i tell my step kid hold on to this pole and don't let go, don't leave until i come back. So he agrees and stays, i go running across the street, but then i realize the cars just keep going, it's as if the cars were see through, so i keep running until i come across a tunnel thing that basically leads up to the bridge. I see my two kids there, my oldest is in tears and my youngest is clueless, until i see my son explaining something then she starts to cry. I keep yelling and running but i can't reach them. I become frustrated but tell myself i will break through. Finally i felt this shift of energy,like an invisible wall, and i cross it and my kids faces change because they see me. They start running to me, and we head back to street so i can get my step son. I reach other side of street and have all my kids together, i cried and felt relieved to have them back together. Any opinions on this dream would be appreciated :-)
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The kids seem to be symbolizing something from your past that you struggle to retrieve. It might be anything- from a part of your own personality that has sunk back into the unconscious to a project you have abandoned to a lifestyle you long for. I'm going to read the dream again for details :)