Its an every night thing now and I honestly think My dream is telling me something .

I'm in my room with purple walls and a warm bed that for some reason I'm sitting on and I have a bag beside me full of clothes and things and maybe another pair of shoes and I'm dressed up warm with my hair up ( I'm telling you every detail so you can be able to picture it.) And My mom is in my room with her short hair and in a dress ... but then she walks out crying and my dad is down stairs sleeping on our green couch with his hair grey and short wearing old ripped clothes and I get up and grab my coat and run down the stairs and start yelling at my family ... Every flaw and everything I would never say then I grab my warm gloves a scarf and a hat and leave ... Soon I'm at the highway and I hitchhike with my thumb stuck way out and a sing saying 'I need a ride '
Theres a young man in his 20's maybe and he picks me up I just say jasper and I'm sitting in this old blue chevy from maybe 1990 it could be a ram I don't know but soon Its night but the sky is purple not black Then were in jasper and he drops me off by this forest and ... I walk right into it and I'm like that for a day maybe and Soon I come across this creature in the dark with glowing blue eyes ( a wolf maybe) and I always wake up there....
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

My initial impression is that right now you can't seem to find much inspiration in your unconscious mind (the mother), and your own conscious ideas (the father) feel old and no longer valid. You might need a hand (the ride) to get in contact with and explore your own unconscious resources (the forest, the blue-eyed creature). :)