Dreams That Don't Make Sense (12-2-12)

What i can remember of my dream was staying in my old childhood home, i'm out side try to figure out why i am there, then i have a flash of my breast being super over sized and large veins. Then go back outside where i see my ex boyfriend asking my brother if it was true that i was letting people rent a room, my brother say's something then my ex leaves i try to catch up to him but then i run into a very old childhood friend from elementary he hands me a baby, hes baby, then says something then leaves in his black van. I then go into the kitchen and drop the baby, but the baby turned into a fetus still alive moving and i couldn't pick it up with my hands so i use something trying to pick it up but i cut off the arms by accident someone comes over and say's is it dead then i look it was still moving. All of a sudden a year has passed and i meet finn from adventure time n him and marcline where together but marclines dad wouldn't let them be together, me and finn where ready to battle her dad but he turned her into a baby so she can grow up again with him and the last thing i sow was marcline as a child sad.

I don't know if its trying to tell me something about children or i have an over active imagination.
sillykiss2you sillykiss2you
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012