Demon Dad

Backstory: my Dad died two years ago a little before Christmas. Understandably I had a bad Christmas then. Last year I got in a wreck a week before Christmas and spent that once favored holiday in pain and drugged up from serious injuries.
Story: I had a dream last night that my family and I were all Christmas shopping and having loads of fun. When we got outside my Dad appeared to me as a demon and started destroying the gifts and trying to harm us. I woke up in a sheen of sweat. I just want one Christmas that is how it used to be. Family getting together and having fun. No one starts drama or fights. No one hurts in any way. Could this dream be me feeling guilty about wanting to be happy and Dad not getting to be? Or could it be a message from him that he's angry that everyone is finally moving on.
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no. the entity appearing in your dream is not your father, but a demon parading around as your father, and the demon does not want you to be happy. plus this may also signify that your family may has acestry or roots dealing with the occult. i had a similar dream of my deceased mother, but when i look in its eyes i said ' you are not my mother" about 3 times, and then the eyes turned red and it gripped me up by the neck and said 'i am your mother" i cried out to jesus and woke up in a sweat.

Oooo ok thats good he probably just dont wanna feel left out that is all

The father in dreams is a symbol for thinking, rationalism, ideological trends, collective ideas. Your dream seems to be showing that reason is preventing your psychological gifts from manifesting themselves. Do you often find yourself thinking "nonsense!" when your intuition tells you something? Or "this is a waste of time!" when you consider dedicating yourself to an artistic activity? These are just a couple of examples of how "the father destroys gifts".

Usually my sister have dreams like that but of her father in law but she tell her husband they go visit him and they have to drive alll the way to mexico soo maybe he wants to be getting visit too like if ur having christmas go visit him first and then be with family he probably feels like yall are going to forget him

We are going to open Christmas presents at his grave. And we are planting a pine tree and will decorate it every year at Christmas