A Dream I Want To Be Translated

I was at a airport with my class ( I dropped out of school so this makes no sense, it was like 3guys I know there rest was unknown ) and were waiting at our gate for the plane to be boarded. I was sitting alone in my own thoughts as one of the guys I know came over telling me that zlatan ibrahimovic was sitting at the same gate, and I dont really care much for him, I mean not more than normal people would. but ofcourse I went over to see it for myself, and we started trying to start a convo with him, and I tried to impress him so he would like me, but did not accomplish the approval I wanted from him. Then suddenly everyone started boarding the plane, and I remember thinking "how the F*** do they know that we can board the plane now" and then suddenly we were on the plane waiting for take off. I was seated next to a girl which in the dream was well known to be, but Ive never seen her in my life before. She was very scared and acting hysterical. She got a warning from one of the employees on the plane that she needed to calm down, but she didnt and I felt scared for her, it was like I knew something bad was going to happend if she didnt calm down. And so she continued saying we had to get off the plane etc.. Then one of the employees came over to ME and told me she had to calm down. and first I thought " why did they tell me this, is this my responsibility?" but I knew she had to calm down, then suddenly the pilot came over and told me I had to kill her and my first tought was " what me, why me, do we have to kill her cant we just take her off the plane ? " but even tho I tought this, I knew it had to be done. *Dream over*

In this dream I felt like I was another person, and I did not talk except when I was in the waiting room and talking to zlatan, altough I did not see or hear myself talk in the dream Im assuming since he gave eye contact when I talked, but no answer so Im not sure.
I also felt love for this girl for some reason.

so if anyone could try and see if this dream means something I would appriciate a translation.
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I think that maybe that hysterical girl in your dream represented your id, e.g. some of your true feelings about something, perhaps some situation that involves risk, like an airplane flight, the airplane attendants/guards probably represent the super ego, the part of you that keeps the id in check so that you don't end up doing anything it thinks you might regret later, you might feel that you have to detain or kill your feelings of fear and being out of control, or just your feelings, in order to keep yourself from having some sort of breakdown at an inopportune time, like in an airport for instance, I believe the part where the guards were talking to you may represent your super ego quite literally telling you that you may have to face your possibly repressed feelings, and/or do some "self-talk" to try and figure out and calm you fears, some of which may be a little overblown, indicated by the freak out that the hysterical friend of yours may have had, in relation to the scary, but not guaranteed to be a horrific death-airplane flight that you all were about to take, unless your friend actually has some fear of flying, in which case, it may indicate that part of you may, have reason to be afraid of, or at least, a very strong aversion to, whatever the airplane flight may represent, the airplane may represent a big transition, like airplanes taking off and flying in the air, it can also represent "going up" in the world, maybe you feel the pressure of that, or maybe you feel watched and are afraid to fail in front of poeple, totally normal, but please remember, that true failure is either in the failing to get up after being knocked down, or, just as importantly, in the failure to even try. In the end though, it is your choice, so you should first and foremost listen to your gut. good luck.

Nice reply, but the first part of the dream, what you think about that?

maybe subconsciously you feel like you've failed somehow which is not neccessarily true, it could be that you feel that you have failed yourself, or someone else (once more, not neccessarily true), this could also be a fear release dream, in which you live out a situation in a dream to figure some possibly stressful situation/feeling out, please keep in mind though that what other people think of you is not important, maybe part of you feels convinced that it is, or you have a floating belief pattern in your subconscious, not neccessarily one you have chosen for yourself but residual maybe from childhood or an unguarded moment that may have made an unintentional imprint on your subconscious, or maybe you feel like you somehow give or have given too much importance to what other people think of you, or what you think they think about you, or you could be feeling a little nervous about impressing someone who could be in a position to help you move up in the world somehow, maybe you feel annoyed that you feel you have to impress someone other than your number one hero, but who knows what the future will bring, take heart, maybe you will get that opportunity yet, just use the stepping stones that people give you if you feel it's right for you, the group of guys from school in the beginning of your dream may represent things you have learned, or taken on as beliefs in the "school of life" as it were, each new experience/lesson/perspective representing a different guy, try to think what the three guys you recognised may represent, you could try to discern what experiences they represent by who they are to you, or their personalities, maybe you feel that the sum total of what you have learned is watching you closely, preparing to go with you in life, and maybe even advise you on things, like the one who told you about ibrahimovic sitting next to you, they may communicate to you through thoughts, feelings or gut reactions, in the end though, it is up to you and your inner judgement to discern which of these "guys" /perspectives still work well for you, and allow you to function in life, always know what you think before making a decision though, in the end, it is up to you. Usually female figures in dreams represent the emotions, and if you are male, she (scared girl) could represent you animus-your more feminine personality attributes, and all other experiences you may have had with women, she may be alerting you of some situation which she feels is threatening your emotions, maybe the thought of moving up in the world directly affects your emotions, or a situation that directly affects your emotional life somehow, maybe you think it will hurt you, or part of you feels that the risk isn't worth it, carefully weigh your options, don't risk endangering love or deep emotion if you can help it, the guys from your school that were with you probably represent mostly intellectual lessons, seeing as male figures usually represent intellect. Like I said above the hysterical girl could just represent your fears, maybe you're so used to being afraid that you have grown fond of the pattern of letting your fear get out of hand, maybe your mind is telling you that it's time for dealing with your fears e.g. killing the hysterical girl, but if you just talk to the part of yourself that's afraid, if it is, and try to work through any insecurity, maybe if the dream reoccurs she'll be calm, or off of the plane, but please, please consult with your gut feelings about this, I can only give a translation from my perspective, only you can truly know what it means for you. if you think you need to take a pause in life and think about your options before progressing with anything, be it moving up in the world, or anything else, please do take that pause. once more, best of luck :)

Wow! Very good you got so much of my personality in there. About trying to impress people rhats something I always feel like I have to do.