Two Of Me

I was scared during this dream so I really would like an interpretation if anyone would like to try.

So I was at this place that was like a church, but unlike any I had ever seen. I was looking for my children. I began to panic and wandered outside the church. it was a pavilion which had a tent like material for walls. I saw my children in another pavilion across a field with another woman, and that woman was me, but it wasn't, like it was an imposter. She was wearing a shirt I used to have a long time ago. It was really bizzare. I have never had a dream like this before. I had a dream where there were two of me.
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Your unconscious mind seems to be showing that the way you interact with your children does not reflect your real personality, but possibly is based on a pattern of behavior acquired many years ago (the shirt, something you wear but is not you).

Thank you for your interpretation

You are most welcome :)

I don't do dream interpretation however if you go to your home page and scrol down to the bottom there should be a blue there you will find dreams,a place you may wish to explore...:-)

You have lost control of your self. Maybe with patients or what not. But you are letting bad spirits in your mind that are taking over and raising your kids. That's why when you seen yourself you knew it wasn't actually you. Bc it wasn't. It is. Consent battle between spirits every day you hve to instinguis what is you and what is the spirit of devil. Inpatients, anger, unhappiness...

Thank you. I saw that that might be it. How I wish it wasn't. Good thing we have authority over that stuff.

Yes very true!

It is important when working with any dream to consider it in terms of what was in your mind and on your heart when you went to bed.

Feelings are the truest part of any dream; so take note of any feelings you are aware of during the dream - and upon awakening.

This is a very positive dream showing that you are moving beyond your ego to a "heart-centered" way of being.

Your dreams will probably show you many parts of yourself now that you are ready to see with clarity.

Best Regards,

Maybe you like the person you used to be.

Well, the person I saw was me, but wasn't. An imposter. Manipulative. I wondered why my kids were with her, and how they had slipped away from my side. It was really eerie.

I meant that you see something you want to change in yourself.

good answer. I think you are right because I was just thinking about that before i went to bed. I want to be more light hearted, happy, and fun, but I am carrying a lot of burdens