Please Interpret My Dream As It Worries Me


Last night a had a weird dream of a baby boy ... I dreamt my husband that taken this baby for a walk to pick my other children up from school ... i then got told in my dream that a truck had hit my husband and the baby but my husband was ok but the baby had died.

I went to the school to find out if there were any witnesses to the accident but no one would talk and then i got a phone call from the hospital and they had called to let me know that the baby died.

I picked up all three kids and rushed to the hospital and asked for the nurse and they gave me the baby's blankets and clothes and i sobbed (i actually felt the heartache) and i demanded to see the baby ... the brought the baby out to me and i saw this angel of a baby laying there and then the baby turned and looked at me and moved it's arms ... i reached out to the baby and i yelled to the nurses that the baby was still alive ... the nurses said that there was nothing they could do for the baby and they were going to euthanase the baby .... i was screaming and telling them they had no right it was my baby and that they have to save him ... and all of the sudden the baby was looking better and healthier - i woke up and was actually crying with a huge lump in my throat ... I cant shake this dream off and i really need it explained to me if possible!


twoboysnagirl twoboysnagirl
31-35, F
Dec 9, 2012