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I've been having dreams lately that have to do with something or someone trying to hurt me and kill me. It's strange because I don't ever have dreams like that. I woke up 30 min ago from a dream and I can't go back to sleep because of It...

I was in a house and the vibe in there was strange and cold there weren't any lights in the house just completely dark but you could see the moonlight through the windows. I had a friend and although I never seen his face before I trusted him and we knew each other for a while. We went upstairs to my room and sat down to talk. In his eyes he appeared to have no life. He gave off a energy that just didn't feel right. He grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go. I tried to pull away and was telling him to stop wats wrong with him. Then he stopped and laid down. His face was pale and I was asking if he was ok. I laid next to him and asked what he was thinking about. He started talkng about all his girlfriends and how they hurt him so bad and why did they have to treat him so badly..then he started talking about how women are all evil and that he's tired of it...right then and there I knew sumthn was wrong and I knew sumthn was about to happen..I started telling him to not put me in that category that I was a good person and I would never try to hurt him. As I spoke he grew very angry inside and I seen it through his eyes. I saw his mind lose it with out making any expression on his face. I knew it was coming. He reached over and grabbed my neck and pinned me down. I tried to fight him off but he was too strong. At this moment his eyes connected with Mine but it said nothing. He took a long thick knife out of his pocket and while I was still trying to fight him off he was trying to ram the knife through my throat. We fought for a while and I wasn't giving up. There was another person in the house downstairs so I yelled to help me but they wouldn't come upstairs. I tried to reach for a gun I seen a couple feet away from me but I couldn't reach it and I felt myself getting weaker. He grabbed me and drug me to the stairs. He slammed my head into the wall then slammed it on a couple of stairs. I was about pass out from all the pain and he seen that I was almost done so he took the knife again touched my throat with it to show me where he was going to ram it through. As soon as he pulled his arm and hand back to stick it in my throat with power. An electric shock seemed to go through his body and smoke came from his head, he froze and dropped the knife then fell over and tumbled down the stairs. I took the knife and ran out the house. The night was very cold and quiet I could here the leaves crunching under my feet very loudly as I walked to look for someone with a phne to call 911. I was walking An seen somebody in the yard next to the house I was in. It was a scary looking creature he looked like gollum off of lord of the rings except he was really tall. He seemed to be looking for something in the leaves. I walked over and asked him what he was doing. He said that he lost something and couldn't find it. It was really cold outside and about 4 in the morn. He came towards me and seemed very nice. I asked him if he had a phone so he gave me one. He asked wat I needed it for with a huge smile on his face. I felt the same vibe I did with my friend and little by little while the creature was walking with me I seen his face in my friend. I didn't tell him anything I just asked him again what was he looking for in the leaves. But He didn't seem to know. We walked towards the front of the house and for some reason I wasn't able to dial 911. He kept smiling at me and asked if I needed help with something. I looked at him for a brief second and his face looked like my friends. Right then and there I knew my friend wasn't dead and that he was the creature. But there was a difference between the two. The creature was the same person but didn't seem to remember me. I then seen somthing in the leaves. I picked it up and held it in my hand. The creature turned to me and said Im sorry i haven't met u yet what's ur name ? Then he put his hand out to shake mines but I was scared for him to see what was in my hand. He stood with his hand out and the smile on his face. I stared at him and slowly put whatever was in my hand in my back pocket making sure his eyes didnt wander off and stayed on mines. Then I paused and kept my hand there in my pocket. He just laughed it off and turned away with the same smile on his face. He began to walk off not realizing anything. And I just stood there still. Then I started to go my way and walked the cold quiet street with no thought in my head.

Then my dream ended.
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The house is you. did you know this? What your house looked like is how you see yourself. Everything in the house is something about you. The fight you had with the person in the house was a symbol of an actual conflict you are having within yourself in real life. The creature outside of the house is a part of you too. Notice he was not really trying to hurt you and you actually walked with him back to your house. You want that creature to enter your house. Meaning you want that characteristic to be more defining in your life. You didn't let him in though. And you didn't give him his possession back. Because you don't know if he means you harm or not. You can still let the creature in and I bet in another dream he will actually become a friend. What is this characteristic of yours you are resisting. I am intrigued by this and want to hear what you have to say.

See into your dreams to identify whether you have any guilt feelings or fear

You trusted your friend and you had known him for a while, yet he surprised you and proved to be a destructive person. The creature seemed to be nice, but was just as destructive. Maybe your unconscious mind is trying to warn you about false friends? Or maybe they were a symbol for an old habit that you find justifiable but harms you (for example, self-recrimination, harsh self-criticism, etc)?