I just woke up after having this dream. I am not quite sure how to explain it. My dream began with deaths. The deaths on me, my girlfriend, and two friends. I do not remember how we died. We woke up together (as far as i can tell) and it seemed like we were part of some para military group training without uniforms or guns. The place we were in was filled with green grass and hills, almost dreamlike, it was beautiful. The main part during this training I remember was the rappelling off of a short cliff, Australian style, our instructor was a blonde Russian woman with short hair, medium blue beret, and dark brown tinted aviator glasses. After some time, all three of us came out of shoe sized boxes, back into the real world, inside of Triumph High School. After five minutes, we (Alyssa, Mattie and I) decided we had to go back for some reason. Apparently Rain was staying. (Who else would do the foreshadowed killing?) Mattie, Alyssa, and I lined up on what seemed to be a ***** of cardboard on what looked to be the stage except it was a larger room. Mattie to my left and Alyssa to my right. Sure enough, there was Rain standing there with an Heckler and Koch USP .45 waiting to send us back to the other place. Alyssa and I held hands and looked at each other. Mattie was still and silent. For an undefined reason, Alyssa went to stand by Rain, leaving me and our red headed diva. I eventually left as well, leaving Mattie to be shot, which I never noticed. Alyssa and I headed back to the commons and sat on a lunch table. The room turned into Mr. Nawanko's room in Christopher Columbus Middle School. We sat in silence, I knew I wasn't going to leave Mattie alone. She sat on the lunch table, I resided on the bench connected to it. I looked up at her. She, down at me. Suddenly I was back in the stage room. I saw a single shoe size box, when I did I smelt the scent of exposed internal flesh, slightly rotted. I knew that is where I was going next. I shivered. I was back in Mr. Nawanko's room in the same spot. I put my head on Alyssa's sternum. She held my head and began to shake harshly. My alarm woke me up just then, at 0610.
SweetHero SweetHero
18-21, M
Dec 12, 2012