Dream About Running Fast

Last night in my dream i am on top of a hill with a forest at the bottom of the hill.

A small red propeller plane was flying over head it started to malfunction and a few people were around and started to panic somebody yelled QUICK WE ONLY HAVE A FEW MINUTES TO RUN LIKE HELL BEFORE THIS PLANE CRASHES ON US. i felt intense fear for survival and as the plane crashed i started to run down the hill and so did the other people, the plane started to tumble after me and i ran faster and faster for dear life. I made it to the bottom and the plane stopped tumbling. I ended up on pavement into a city. My grandfather showed up (he passed away 9 years ago) and he walked with me and i felt JOY and relief i felt safe and i was so happy to see him. He told me not to worry, and he asked me about my grandma who passed away as well but only 4 months ago. And i told him she passed away. That's all i can remember from that part.

I kept walking and ended up at my boyfriends apartment building but it looked different and the weather became gloomy and rainy. It was eerie. I walked inside and took the elevator to his apartment i had a spare key so i went in. I screamed "baby you wouldn't believe what happened i almost just died!!!" but no response. "where are you??" he wasn't home. So i stayed scared in his room wondering where he was needing him there, but he never showed. I felt stressed and alone.

I woke up right after.

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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I believe you dreamed about an incident that you will read about in the papers. Dreams of this kind are extremely interesting!