The Blankness Of The Future

as always you will see this little message at the beginning of all my writings if you have read a few things by me you know the drill if not, I SUCK AT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR :D, im lazy and just right it from the mind straight to the keyboard so bare with me :D :P

okay so you may call this weird,supernatural, or somewhat normal but this is nothing but the truth most of the time i dont dream, its black until i wake up, on RARE occasion ill have some completly random and off dream but for the most part when i do dream the times i ACTUALLY dream this is what happens its like a series of clips usually all things that are about to happen ( i know this because it has already happen ) but the weird thing is like it would be a clip of lets say 10-20 clips and then id wake up, i would know these would happen is because in the dream something bad would happen or i would freak out, bein scared, alone, or dieing, so not the most pleasant but i usually get through the dreams okay, when i first started having them it was pretty crazy and i was scared but over time i virtually mastered it and began finding out the exact time span and i found out usually after the dream within 3 months all the clips would happen, and when it happen i knew it was the " ive been here before " feeling or like i usually say " deja vu ". Well this is the kicker, it has been a little over a year maybe longer since i have had my last one and i never remember all the clips or even some of them, but alot of the time i know the LAST clip before i can start dreaming again and well lets just say first off im still having deja vu and two the clip that was the last and the thing i have to do to start dreaming again is extremely highly incredibly unlikely to ever happen, i guess i kinda want it to happen because i want to start dreaming again, but then again i just want to know, im an answer seeker and when i see something or know something i want to know how it ends, but i guess you could say my dreams are telling me something or it is my hope to carry on

HippieFreak6989 HippieFreak6989
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012