Can Anyone Interpret This Dream For Me?

Last night, I had a dream that I was at my ex's school looking for him. I know that I was looking for him because even though I was lucid dreaming I could still feel myself thinking about where he could be. I met up with my "little sister" and we had to walk up and down the really dangerously long and spaced out stairs to get from place to place. It's like we were "jumping stones" and along the way I started making friends. At first, it was a bunch of white girls who didn't like me I'm guessing because of who my ex was but then we became friends and they went along with me. Then we got to the water park like area where water was spraying from everywhere. I tried to go around it but I end up getting drenched! Soaked from head to toe. Then the football players saw me (my ex is apart of the football team) and they came down to "greet the new student". I soon found myself surrounded by the players but they were very welcoming and they liked me. Especially, this one guy.. I can remember his face and I know he is real, I just don't know his name. And he made me laugh and I was actually having a good time and I had forgotten about my ex. Then, we were at the guy that liked me's house and we were all joking around and running around the house. It was in NY and we were watching some of our friends go on 106 & Park. I don't watch that show, btw. Then the scene shifted and I was walking alone down alley. It was daylight and I was just contemplating on the events of today and, on accident, I stole someone's blanket?? and they went looking for it and I just pretended I had nothing to do with it.
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You must have been thinking of him loads to have such a vivid dream.

It's not on my own will. I don't want to.. It's almost like involuntarily.