I've Been Having Crazy Unrealistic Dreams Lately!

Hi all! This is my first day and I just wanted to know if you feel like you dream about things that you completely go against? Apparently everyone dreams everyday but it's part of our short term memory, you forget it and this makes you think you don't dream, anyway the last time I remember dreaming was about 2years ago, which I wasn't really worried about. However for the past month I've had horrible dreams, like my mother trying to strangle me, being alone and running, I might not make sense but I quickly want to get all of this down so I don't forget..
8 hours ago.......
I had a great day, I managed to not have any conflicts with my fellow pupils , my mum finally agreed to buy me the iPhone 5, and I'm homework free! Anyway the day came to an end and I decided to go to bed, and I happily fall asleep.. I dreamt that I was running from a man, in dreams you just know things, and I knew he wasn't normal, and I also knew I wanted to get as far away from him as possible, so I'm running through a building it's dark, I feel him, his every breath, I turn a corner and I see 3people standing around, I run towards them hoping the man following me Won't need me anymore but instead use them. Unfortunately he doesn't sway, and in a state of panic I jump through an open window. I don't fall far, I can feel the ground, the moist rain that fell on it hours ago. But I look and he's 10feet from me, I scream turn a corner and notice my surrounding- it was a street I've known for 10years. At that moment I turn and fall straight into his arms, at this moment I'm bawling my eyes out thinking this is all real, I can't see his face because my memory has shadowed it but he was wearing black clothes. He held me at arms length and the most craziest stupid A*ss thing happens. He freaking kisses me, and my lips are tingling, I remember still wanting to run but I couldn't. Then I start to feel sleepy and he lays me down on the ground. At this point I know I saw his face but I can't remember what he looked like! And the only words that was said throughout the whole dream was "you won't remember me" or something like that... It's felt so real, the fear, the pain from running, his lips, smell, sound..
And now thinking about it, I've never had a more vivid dream than this, to be honest I don't think I want to dream it again, it was just too REAL for my liking, Im single by the way have been for 4years, so don't say I'm dreaming about an abusive boyfriend ect. I told my friend about this dream at like 4am and she was like "ooow he was totally like a vamp babes, omeegosh I envie you" -.- I was like Shut the f#uck up bro. Seriously I hate anything to do with vampires apart from Vampire Diaries. So what are your veiws? Have you had dreams that seem so real? Can you please share it? Thank you all!
JustADreamerLike JustADreamerLike
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013