I dreamed this earlier this week.   And what prompted it is very telling in interpreting the dream. 

I had an issue last year with circulation being cut off to my foot. It turned red, then became very painful and later started turning purple.  I had fem pop leg bypass and now it's all better thanks to an artificial fem artery.   

I have not been back to my surgeon since November though. I'm keeping my own mental watch of the healing process because I know my other leg ......he says needs the same surgery.  

So, the night of  this dream I woke up and went to the bathroom and as I sat & peed, I noticed a red spot on my other foot and back to bed & sleep..........

I dreamed I noticed a spot on my right hand, on the top .......same side that may  need surgery.    Then something...........a worm ! Poked it's head from that spot !  I pulled it out and flung it away from me !    Then another and another and went on and on till the spot was a hole and I could see  almost to the other side of my hand . 

The worms weren't ugly and slimy though. They were almost like designs of various snakes. 

When I woke up, I looked at the top of my hand.......there was a little pin size red mark. 
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<p>Maybe it's better to check it out. Years ago, I had a dream that my kneecap was hurting, when I woke up, my kneecap was hurting. Few years, I had a dream that bad spirits were invading my heart, and my heart turned green.. I woke up that day, went to the bathroom, I found out I was bitten by a spider; he bit me three times, and my forehead became swollen. I believe our subconscious tells us if we need to watch out for our heatlh.</P>

That is what I found when I searched the meaning Lena ! Exactly what you said about sub conscience knowing and trying to tell me that there is something. I'm going back to my surgeon and my regular doc, set appointments today. I'm sure I'll be getting prepared for the other leg surgery.

Very interesting ! Your dreams and out comes !

I have had dreams that was prophesized. at first, I didn't know what they meant; but when something came up, I said "Oh, that's what my dream trying to tell me"

How curious ! Dreams can be so random and realistic whilst in the dream,the ridiculous often makes perfect sense.Your dream however is uncanny,to wake up and see a red spot ! Very strange....:-)

Yeah !

Interesting story. I would definitely continue to watch for the markings. Food for thought: Snakes are known for their healing properties. I pray everything turns out OK.

still healing ; )

Ah well you know what needs doing, how is the leg that you have had done?

I looked it up Charlie and the description was very near to truth......something about subconsciously knowing something needs attention ! lol !

Dreams often have the opposite meaning to what we think. I wouldn't be able to Interpret this but some dreams are strange aren't they.