The Dream

Ok, so I had this dream that I was on a hill under a tree and it was nice, warm, sunny, and just perfect overall, and the song paradise by Coldplay was playing and since then I think about that place everyday. What does this all mean?
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I think it is a scene of your future.

maybe its a place you remeber in a past life and want to vist again in this life maybe?

I'm not sure, all I know is that I think about it everyday and it makes me feel good. I'm gonna wait till summer and then I'll begin to look for it

well i hope you can find it :)

Me too, I feel like one I find it that my internal conflicts will end and I will be able to be truly happy

ya i had a dream once were their was this huge tree and inside the tree their were people their to help me with my problems and to help me be strong and were haveing the same probelms i was it was weird like we were all connected as one. maybe thats what its like for you when you find it

I don't know where to start, but as my dad says:"If you don't know where your going, than any road will take you there."

very true

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