I have occassional bad dreams, but don't usually have terrifying nightmares...
Last night I was in one of those dreams that scare you awake and when you return to your fitfull sleep the dream continues.
I don't actually remember it that vividly, but I know I was running from these creatures who were zombie-like except they moved a lot quicker.
Not sure what this is trying to tell me, but I sure am tired today.
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Zombies symbolize negative people in your life, the ideas they try to impose on you, and the way they criticize you for acting differently from them.

Interesting take... can definately apply to some issues I'm dealing with right now. I hope they catch up with me and eat my brains though :)

You hope they eat your brains?? :D

Ha ha ha... Oops! I accidentally omitted the word "don't" Could this be a Freudian slip? I hope not, I need my brains.

Good! :) You need them to defend yourself. A Freudian slip? Hmmm I think not, unless you would like them to get near so you could study them.

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