As a child I was afraid of death, it wasn't until I became a teen that I realized my dream would be about the death of a family member or friend. It would not be specific but I would wake with the feeling of dread, so within 2 weeks from the dream it would occur . The feeling would be strong if it were a close family member. I came to accept this and they do not upset me now. Other dreams or visions That i call them happen too.My family genealogy has many Native American spiritual leaders in our past, I believe I have inherited this.
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i also have this gift. i predicted many deaths among family and friends, and other things besides death with accuracy. i also have native american in my geneology, and it is a gift, a gift from the creator.

This is a good thing as you know, once you get used to it. The foresight that you get can benefit the decisions you make presently.There is so much more to attain in this life when you listen to the inner voice, it will get better for you. Keep the faith and all that you need will come to you. :7)

you are right about that. whenever i didnt listen bad things would happen but it would show me what would happen anyway, sometimes things are inevitable

Yes, when it comes to death ,it is unavoidable. Although there are things that you can do to draw positive outcomes to happen for you.


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