My Virtue

Last night I had a dream about this guy who came over my house. He looked about a year older than me. I can't really remember his face but he was light skinned and had dark hair. He was sitting at my kitchen table and suddenly got up and went down in my basement to my older sisters bedroom and I followed him. He got on the bed and I got on there with him. He took his shirt off and i was about to do the same, but suddenly my sister just kept running up and down the stairs like she was checking on me, so we couldn't get any further than that so we went back up stairs and I sat at the kitchen table and he left. My grandad and Uncle started talking to me asking me who that was and what his name was. I asked my sister what his name was and she told me (sorry i can't remember the name she said) and i woke up after that and went back to sleep. Maybe my dream was telling me that it wasn't time for me to lose my virginity since my sister kept running up and down the stairs like a maniac, because i have been thinking about it so maybe that was a sign that I'm not ready.
DiamondInTheSkye DiamondInTheSkye
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

your sistert was protecting you. your first should be with someone you love that loves you back, and maybe the guy represented any sleazy goodlooking guy who would gladly take away your virginity without loving you.