Zombies Attacking

As random as that is, its been happening for a few nights now. Killing zombies. This drove me to the cold conclusion that my brain is questioning the very fabric of what it means to be a human being. Obeying sets of laws and moral codes. This is just like those fighting dreams, where i would try to punch someone but i couldnt and i'd break down and cry. Eventually, i overcame my fear of fighting, and i would wake up feeling different each time it got better. But now its as if my brain is trying to oust fear from my set of emotions. Fear and moral is being erased by my own brain, or at least thats what its trying to tell me. I get attacked by these sub humans and i try to run and protect my family. My dreams are attacking the very essence of who i am, and what it means for me to be human. I question this all the time, and now my brain is trying to draw a conclusion. I am now afraid to sleep at night, wondering if i wake up the next morning, will i be a cold blooded human being with no sense of fear or sadness of loss, and no moral code to obey.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 21, 2013