Reaccurinf Snake Dream

In the past two weeks ive had dreams with a snake and death the first one i dreamt i was in the passanger side of the car and i was suppose to get into an.accident but didnt when i got out of the car to walk since i was scared my friend finally convinced me to get back in the car and when i went to open the passanger door there was a snake in my seat going in circles and doing that thing with its tongue but i got in the car anyway. The second dream i had a snake tryed biting me four times and i kept running away from it then a drunk girl come up to me trying to fight me she does this three times finally i decide its time i get up and leave the situation and she comestrying to fight me again and i just get fustrated and slammed her over and over again and she died .
welovemonica welovemonica
Jan 22, 2013