First Love, Ex Lovers, Men I Couldn'T Have And Guy Friends

So lately I have been dreaming a lot about other guys. The most recent one was today (January 26th). I barely remember it just 5 key parts firstly my first love and I were in a back lane running from either some one or something, then I was in a store waiting with my Mom looking for a sale, then it sets back to my house and my first lover was speaking to my brother and then he walks into my door way and we were silent. He finally comes in and sits with me, and pulls me in for a hug. He doesn't let go and he keeps apologizing, I break down and that's when I wake up. I don't remember anything from my dream of my ex-lovers it was the same theme. I was an extremely successful, thin, business women and it seemed to happen in the order of who I was with. (I am using nicknames) English was first and he was a business partner, but I slowly found out it was trying to embezzle from me so I fired him, desperate for me not to press charges he brings a bottle of my favorite wine and tries to swoon me. Then it was the Tree (still keeping in mind I am skinny, gorgeous and successful during this entire sequence of dreams and it did not happen all at once) I was doing some shopping and I bumped into him he bluntly tried to kiss me and I pushed him away. Then lastly... I call him Pain because when I think of him it's all I feel. I was on my laptop at home when I get a message. It's from him my heart sinks and I feel helpless. He says he wants to see me to apologize. I send him 'You're Not Sorry' video and leave it at that. The next day I find a long message saying he was and he was so sorry for what he'd done that it took so long for him to realize that I was in love with me and he was scared. I woke up. I don't remember details of the guys I couldn't have or my friends except in both dreams they were in a group and the guys I wanted were talking about me saying why they could never date, like it was so hilarious and my guy friends (I have few) one in particular - we'll call Pilot, says to the others I think I am falling in love with her, how can I stop it!?
Feel free to give me your takes on why these past guys seem to invade my dreams and bring up questions and feelings I want to forget. Thanks :)
Jynxiexo Jynxiexo
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2013