I Feel Like My Dad Wants Me To Know Something

My dream began with myself as a waitress (which I have had two jobs as such- I'm 21). I was having an unusually difficult time waiting on my customers and kept repeatedly forgetting items and making numerous mistakes while servicing them. I went to a counter and rested my head on my arms completely defeated with the strong assumption I was about to be fired. *Note, I'm usually a great waitress and my memory is mostly outstanding, I'm not one to make mistakes like this.* I feel an arm around my shoulders and automatically assume it is my manager trying to nicely relieve me of my job. When I look up, it is my Dad who has been deceased for two years looking down at me, smiling. I immediately burst into tears and woke up crying. I feel like if I had been able to control my emotions he would have told me something. What do you think he may be trying to say?
Seyfarma Seyfarma
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 26, 2013

I think your dream was referring to some other situation in your life, one where you have to deal with different people's demands, which is very draining. I believe your father was trying to comfort you, and probably in a future dream he will say what you felt he wanted to say. :)
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