Parents : Heaven's Lieutenants.


That's what they are

their voice is none elses' but
The voice of God.

So, just ...

Love your parents.
At times, We are so busy growing up,
We often forget they are also growing old.

I am so privileged to be blessed with such wonderful Oldies who have made me what I am and tenderly taught me to get along well without them.

Now, whenever I get an opportunity with children,

I do try my best to follow my own upbringing and Dianne Looman's words which are precisely the Same.

When I get a child to raise ...

I'd build Self-esteem first, and the house later. 

I'd Finger-paint More, and point the finger less. 

I would do less correcting and more Connecting. 

I'd take my eyes off my watch, and Watch with my

I'd take more Hikes and Fly more Kites. 

I'd stop playing serious, and Seriously Play. 

I would run through more fields and Gaze at more Stars. 

I'd do more Hugging and less tugging. 

Sons as well : No bar for them too.


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As we grow older, we appreciate and understand our parents more & more and see deeper meaning in their past actions and words...

Yes, takes Time
Thanks for the Time n Tag.

I have one empty chair and shedding tears for her now. Too late now, but next weekend I will drive the 550 miles to see my father. You did a wonderful thing in putting this together; very professional and touching.
Thank You!

How old is He?
My regards to Him.
Peace Prayers always. Instead of crying, do something that She must have liked.

90; he went sled riding last week. He and I both think we are in our early 30's.
: )
Prayers Peace


What a wonderful story! I'm smiling!

That makes my day!!!
Please continue with the Beautiful Curves.