Black Lions,Female And Male

I had a dream this morning, I remember that I was at some kind of resort near a lake, in the mountains; there were cedar brush all around, and the resort was on a huge elegant piece of land on a side of a mountain. They had a path for runners to run on. There were these two beautiful Indian woman that wanted to run with me, I told them no and started running on the path, I was well ahead of them, there was this beautiful mound of long grass moving with wind and hanging over the half cut mound for the path. I ran under it and felt my body stop instantly and heard my own voice telling me turn around there is a mountain lion. I turned around and ran as fast as I could, I seen these two Indian women and told them to run back there was a mountain lion, they stood there in disbelief. I looked up on the hill side and there it was running down towards the woman. I waited for them but they did not listen, so cut across the running path and ran up through the cedar brush covered hill side realizing it was the mountain lion stalking grounds.
Under the cedar brush I seen mountain lion trails all over and fallowed the ones that took me up to the top, I came to the end of the cedar brush on to the resort golf course and children play ground.
I stood there not in fear looking at more than a dozen of black female and male lions attacking and killing people. I was walking at a slow pace watching it all happen. I see a huge male lion and black shiny coat and fury main move with the lions action; it galloped towards a man who was in the deepest fear and the scariest yell I ever heard a man yell, The black male lion pounced on the man, the man bent from the weight of the lion and fell still yelling, the lion swiped his left arm and paw at the man and at the same time the black lions jaws clapped down on the man’s body, the man was dead. Still the lion was attacking the dead body ferociously; the other black lions attacking and killing everything they seen. The big black male lion stopped and looked me in the eyes and I saw his eyes, silver blue, Big jaws open with blood on its teeth and tongue. I heard its voice in my head and said look around you, you can see my children watch us as we protect them. The cats we hidden well and watched, I heard the lion voice again, take one. I woke up.
BlueThunderbird42 BlueThunderbird42
36-40, M
Jan 29, 2013