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I Need To Remember!!!

I had this very interesting dream and I just cannot let is go. I was at town meeting or city meeting of sorts located at a college. I was not familiar with this college so I had never been there.The topic they were dealing with was shortage of water in the city and the sewer drainage system. There were four men in suits and one women in a suit sitting at what looked like a lunch table. I was sitting at the table with the people in the suits.I was sitting at the table with them there were people in the room with us but they were not talking.It was not a large room. The suits were all talking over each other about the problem and they were not really asking the people what we had to say or if we had input. I started to get extremely upset and started over talking them about what I thought they should do to fix the problem and keep the city citizens abreast of the situation. Eventhough I kept intrerupting them and I made a point they were not listening when all of a sudden something I said got the women attention. She was then very interestedin what I was saying. She and the other board member started taking what I was saying as something valuable to what they were trying to accomplish. They made some decision and were calling the meeting when we were getting ready to leave the lady asked me if I had ever thought about doing .........blank........for a living? I remember very vividly in my dream what she asked. She then started asking about where I went to college when all of a sudden the fire alarms were going off. Shortly after that I woke up and I can still to this day remember that dream like I lived it but I cannot for the life of me remember what she said I need to be doing for a living. During my dream I seemed like a very important thing and it seemed like I had to remember it but I cannot for the life of me remember and I am so very frustrated with it. I really feel like this dream was important to my life some how and I just cannot remember. I don't know why or what makes the dream seem so important but I feel like if I don't remember it is going to haunt me!!
CopperBlaze CopperBlaze 31-35, F 1 Response Jan 31, 2013

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The lady may have asked you if you had ever thought about becoming a psychologist, or some related profession, where you can make an important contribution. The "shortage of water" clearly suggests that there is a generalized lack of intuition and deeper understanding, and the most fundamental manifestations of the unconscious are being seriously misinterpreted by a whole professional class (the people in suits ignoring the citizens). The message of the dream was particularly important because it was a lady who asked you the question- a symbol of the very unconscious in a woman's dream.

Thank you very much for your input. I honestly thought if someone said whatever I was missing it would hit me like a brick wall that didn't happen when you said psychologist. Not saying she didn't say that I just can't remember and it is so frustrating. Lol. When you talk about the lack of intuition are you speaking of me? That I am lacking that or I think people of professional class are lacking it? I am not sure I follow the last part? It is important that it was a women because it symbolizes a very unconscious in a womens dream? Can you explain?