Black Cloudy Dreams

In my dream I was looking down at a lake surrounded by jet black clouds but the center was filled with pristine white clouds then all of a sudden the black clouds transformed into a herd of black stallions and started galloping towards me through the lake. What does my dream signify can anyone interpret it for me?
revasu revasu
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Looking down into the lake suggests introspection and exploring the depths of your own unconscious self or spirituality; the black clouds that are turned into black stallions might mean the awakening of powerful instincts, feelings, fantasies, wishes etc. in the process; as always happens in the psyche, when we go very deep in one direction, the opposite side immediately demands its share. If you want to "conquer the lake", you have to confront whatever the horses symbolize- the profane, the mundane, a part of nature that must be understood and accepted, so it can stop being an obstacle to your self-realization.

thank you for the interpretation, it is good.