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...That I Should Be Working!

When I procrastinate or slack off, I have nightmares about people being extremely disappointed in me. I wake up with unbearable guilt and sadness, and usually, a couple such dreams are enough to straighten me out.

Most of my other dreams are very pleasant. I connect with people, go on adventures, and experience a full range of situations and emotions. Day to day life feels like death in comparison. My 'real life' starts when I fall asleep, and waking up is actually quite disappointing, even when I am having a nightmare!

Elaria Elaria 26-30, F 2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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Me too! My dreams are better than my life - more intense, surreal, sensual, vivid, etc. Ahhh....I just want to dream away my life.

You might start a dream journal, so you can incorporate your dreams into your waking life... :)