The Panther

I was walking down the street of my grandparents house. It was still bright outside. I was at the end of of the street when I saw two little dogs. I am not usually afraid of small dogs but when I saw then I was uneasy. So I backed away and started to turn around to walk back up the hill to my grandmothers house and as I was turning I saw a black panther with big blood red eyes on a chain laying on dry dead grass. I became afraid. I thought about running but I changed my mind because I thought if I did that the dogs and the panther would chase me for sure, so I power walked. Then about 4 houses down from my grandparents house an ugly handicapped dog appeared and tried to come after me. At this point I was turned around and I backed up but the dog was way to slow it tried to bit me but I escaped. At this point I'm 1 house away from my grandparents house and I felt safe because I was almost there. As I turned around to walk in the direction of the house, I saw the black panther running up the hill . I tried to dodge it but it ended up biting my leg and it REALLY hurt! I fell to the ground and the panther still had my leg and was shaking its head like it was trying to tear my leg off. As it was doing so I was punching it with all my strength. I don't know how the dream ends because I woke up but the dream bothers me. Please help me understand.
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1 Response Feb 7, 2013

Sometimes it's not easy to determine whether a dream refers to a psychic fact or a concrete fact. I would ask you a question: Are you feeling intimidated by a specific person or group in real life? At first sight, that's what your dream seems to be saying.
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