What Could My Dream Mean?

Last night I had a strange dream about a top secret military project. The project entailed a rather large machine that could essentially control the seasons of the year only by shortening each one (the seasons would occur twice a year instead of just once). The downside to shortening it, is the fact that the seasons would be 4x as worse as they normally would be. (In my dream it was Summer). Summer being the absolute worst of them all. Summer, with the sun blistering - literally, it would melt things, and kill off the majority of animals due to the scarce amount of water. News reports warning people to stay indoors if at all possible. Because of the heat, some humans died of heat strokes, and weakened the survivors. In my dream my cat is laying on the kitchen table panting. I put some water that we had in a bowl for my cat. Then my dream started to jump. After I put the water down for my cat, I am laying in the hallways using my last bit of energy to shut the doors to keep the sun from coming in the house making it even hotter. My boyfriend is laying partially in the living room and hallway. He has massive heat exhaustion, he is doing a slow low crawl to me while I am still trying to close doors. Finally, he reaches me and I get those doors closed. Next thing in my dream, my eyes close and then all of a sudden I am on my front porch, and it's dawn the sun is going down in the back of the house and there is this baby red fox approaching me and it's panting and I give it some of our already scarce water supply because I can't bare to see something so innocent suffer. Seeing that fox approach me was so real, in my dream the fox and I locked eyes and I felt what the fox felt. I felt lonely and miserable and I had to help and love it. My cat came and started to hiss at the fox and it became timid and started to back away. Then I got stern with my cat telling him that he can't hiss at that fox because he was a baby and it needed help and then I started to cry and I am not sure why. That's when I woke up. Can someone please tell me what this fox means? Because the emotions I was feeling, and the look in our eyes was so real. Someone please tell me what this could mean?!!
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It's never too easy to determine whether a dream refers to a psychic fact or a concrete fact, but I would say that it seems to be the second case, except for the initial explanation and a few details. The dream looks like a future scene, that could happen many decades from now, as a consequence of radical climatic changes in the world; of course, it would not be the same house or the cat you own now. Another possibility is that you lived a scene in a film you are going to watch. Now, because dreams often mix different times and levels of reality, the baby fox might be symbolic and refer to something now, or in a nearer future than the rest of the dream, that you will have to fight to let into your life- apparently someone opposes/will oppose to it.
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