I had a dream that i was marying someone i am close to.
we are friends but i dont find myself attracted to him enough to have a relationship , we like all the same things and are very simmilar.

My dream was about me buying this house , it was like an old motel type thing that i was going to fix up . I had invited some friends over to view the place and give there opinions . one of my close friends was there ( the one i marry) and this girl that i didnt know.
the girl kept hitting on my close friend , i dont remember if he wanted me to shoe her away but i had sensed tension , and allmost out of jelously and want i walked her and put my hand on him and said this is my husband.
Just trying to keep her away not being serious , but then it turned out he ended up actually marrying me.
I am so confused as to what this dream means ,
Can someone please please Help!?
simonnexo simonnexo
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

You might have a relationship with him in the future. Maybe you don't feel consciously attracted to him, but on an unconscious level you might already be developing feelings for him, as he does seem to be a great partner for you. Looks don't mean much when people have a deeper connection. Wait and see how things turn out... If you really don't want him now, it still could happen years from now. Just ask yourself this question: How would you feel if the situation shown in the dream happened in real life?... :)