Does It Mean Anything?

Hi all I'm new to this, but here's the dream I just had.

So I start off going out some place with my girlfriend to hang out with some friends but she didn't wait up for me to go sit with them and talk. She also sat in between 3-4 people and all of them were men. So I got a bit upset and just walked by her and gave her a little rub on her shoulder and seen a girl that I knew. So I walked to her and just gave her a quick tickle to her sides but kept walking past her to a table of other guys who I didn't know but I introduced myself anyways. We all talked for a moment and I noticed I had headphones on playing music but I don't know what song it was. Then I turned around in a chair I was sitting in and noticed a wall of shirts on sale. There were two I really wanted and then my girlfriend appeared and asked me if there were any I really like and I pointed to the two then she bought them for me. Then everybody started leaving and my girlfriend told me that she only had 5% battery left on her phone and I just said okay. So we started leaving for the car and somehow we ended up in a dark cave that seemed like a maze... I lost her for a little bit and I started searching frantically for her. Then when I finally found her she told me that I had walked past her a couple times as if I were walking in a circle. Then we start trying to find the exit again together but this time I pull out my phone because I remembered I had a flashlight app on it and figured it'd help, but my girlfriend just kept walking and not waiting up for me despite me calling out for her to wait until I got the flashlight on and I started to lose sight of her again....

I apologize if this was really long.
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1 Response Feb 19, 2013

A general feeling of insecurity in your relationship. This does not mean that she's doing anything immoral, btw. If the interpretation makes sense, then great. If you think I'm way off, then you are the best person to judge.