I Beleive They Are Telling ...

I beleive they are telling me I am quite mad......

But sanity must be awfully boring all in all!

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I once had a dream that I was strapped into a giant slingshot and shot through the air, right over a huge island filled with people in stands, as I flew by, I could hear cheering and see people holding up 10 point signs. :)

I dreamt of the biggest meteor shower earth ever had. it started early in the morning everyone just looked at them and kept saying how cool they looked till they actually started exploding and causeing havoc. I seemed to be at work cause i started telling everyone there to follow me for shelter we went to a sort of ice skating rink and hid under benchess an everything turn dark out side we i pass out and wake next morning only 5 of us alive and when we try getting out of the place it was covered in sanddunes except for a window where we got out out side it was like a ghost town we were looking for servivors and then started looking for doctors. then I saw in the horrison three balls of fire traped inside of earths atmosphere headed straight to us leaving a trail of smoke behind them. we got to the doctors office to hide there but there was a dead burned corps outside (looked like predator) the fire balls turned in to giant solid snow balls (4 feet tall) un breakable they just bounced around like golf balls. then they started smashing everything that moved . i climed a tree and stood there on of the orbs came to me but didn't harm me. then it went after this old man with his dog .i came down and told it to go away then it bounced really high and i woke up....weirdest dream in my life......that morning i turned on the tv and the news was warning us about a huge solar flare heading our was 2-15-11 and that that scared the crap out of me all day. nothing happend today so its all good.

I like how you think. I love sanity, covers my function of life. but once in a while love to do something crazy, which inspire my life to change.

Bravo, Kind lady. <br />

santity is over rated..normal is defind as the except behavior of the majority. This being said..I don't want to be normal

The ones I don't want to remember, I do. The ones I would like to have, I don't. Go ******* figure...but, still, I am uncertain about madness...

I feel lucky if I remember a dream. I know I need to put a notebook by my pillow and record them and that seems to help. My last dream was about snakes clinging to the ceiling and the wall - they were so beautiful. They did not harm anything. Dream interpretation books say that dreaming about snakes means sex.

Snakes are also symbols of ancient wisdom. Beautiful snakes on the ceiling, huh? It could be that you either have a tendency towards thinking higher, spiritual thoughts about sex(the use of sex for spiritual enlightenment--Google "kundalini energy.") or you are beginning to access higher levels of spiritual wisdom in general. Dream interpretation involves the entire environment of a scene, not just certain actions by someone or something. Another thing to remember is that dreamwalks are a reflection of who you are, what you are doing or thinking, and sometimes dreamwalks involve astral travel to other dimensions and parallel worlds beyond this one. Because the dreamtime world is beyond time and space and beyond what we Earthlings call "normal," that is what can make our dreamwalks seem so "crazy." But there is one thing I know for sure, and that dreams are sent for the understanding of life.