Out of Control

I used to have dreams where I knew I was dreaming and was trying to wake up. Except I couldn't open my eyes, so I would try to scream so that someone would wake me up. But I couldn't. My mouth wouldn't open, my eyes wouldn't open and the panic builds until finally I pry my eyes open.

I had many dreams which were a variation of that.

The latest dream I had as an adult (I don't usually remember my dreams) was where I was kissing Billy Crudup's character from the movie "Almost Famous". The next thing I know we're in bed and he's wrapping his arms around me and trying to tongue me.

I stop him from trying to tongue me but he is holding me too tight. So I loosen his arms but he wraps his legs around me and they're also too tight. I try to wriggle free but he just finds some other part of my body to hold too tight.

That's all I remember.

LostTraveller LostTraveller
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2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

have you heard of the old tales about certain spirits interfering with people? I once heard from an old native american teacher of mine, an old friend and a really great guy, that spirits who think they're still alive wander the earth, and in the brink of waking from sleep is when they can find you the easiest. He says, that when it takes a very long time to wake up, or when you're trying to wake up, and can't seem to get the energy, its one of these spirits, gathering the strength it can before you "fade" from their sight. not sure how much I believe, but it's a basic idea to work on, and one I support, You can really feel the difference based on where you sleep.

kinda like some of my dreams where i cant get out of some situation no matter what i do