Gov Dreams

I keep having dreams where the government is after me. They are always scary and this last one was one of the worst. This last one I and my mom were chased all the way to Russia. I just want to know if those dreams are telling me something. Can someone please tell me anything. I really want to know if I should have something to fear.
americancommie americancommie
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Unless it is a witch doctor you are wasting your money to see a doctor about your dreams. I think dreams are in part things that you sense during the day that are brought forward to your attention while you sleep because dreams are the most suggestive state of awareness and they help us work through what happens to us while we are awake. If you know of a good psychic I would consult one. All people, even Americans, fear things they do not understand or believe to exist! Fear is what makes people dangerous!!! It is not unusual perceptions that make people dangerous. Think of the Salemn Witch trials, the Crusades and Richard Nixon!

Governments are often symbolic of authority figures. It sounds like you might have a fear of authority, or else of authority "putting its nose where it doesn't belong" in your life. You don't necessarily have anything to be afraid of (unless you really do believe this about authority figures, which can be anything from the police to an overbearing relative to the real government), though you might look into working on your feelings toward this in order to lessen the dreams. Otherwise they'll keep coming.