Being Chased

A couple days ago, my first dream of me being chased as a different person occured. I have been having these dreams every night...and i don't know why. It is really scaring me. I wake up crying all the time. Can somebody tell me why I am having these dreams? It would be greatly appreciated.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I often have dreams where a stranger is trying to break into my home. Once he is inside, if he gets in, he chases me and tries to hurt or kill me. This is what I read about this type of dream: If you are a woman, the dream could simply be an ex<x>pression of the fear & vulnerability some of us feel about being attacked, mugged, raped etc. by a stranger. Do you live alone? Are you in a big city? Away from your family? But a second interpretation could be that you are presently dealing with a difficult situation that you don't want to face. The dream is a manifestation of the anxiety you are feeling about this painful dilemma in your life. I read that you should try to turn around and look directly at the "chaser" during the dream, if you can. Try to think about what issues in your life are you chosing to avoid right now. Hope this helps! :0)