Ex? Boyfriend Being Stabbed?

 okay so me and my boyfriend may have broken up last night and i feel it was a mistake but not a mistake at the same time

my dream last night  was... we were both at work, we work together in a restaurant, we were both downstairs and he was getting something, but he was near the door that leads to the public washrooms... i was standing far behind him in another room but i could see him from where i was.... then a guy opens up the door from the restaurant and asks him for a knife...(he was a young black guy for some reason and im not racist in real life but iit felt liek he was going to do something bad) i knew something bad was going to happen... and i think the guy was talking about cocaine...anywyas all of a sudden he had a huge kitchen chef knife in his hand and started stabbing my boyfriend in the chest... i didnt know what to do i didnt even try to stop the guy i just started to run up stairs and call for help but my voice didnt work.... but later in the dream he wasnt stabbed as badly as i thought he was.... i need to know what this means 

mrmanager mrmanager
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2009