My Recurring Dream Is So Powerful, I Wake Up In Tears.

I Feel Like My Dreams Are Telling Me Something.  There is a persistent recurring emotional theme that makes its way into my dreams quite often.   Although the events, people and scenes in the dreams vary, the subject is always the same.  The dreams can happen up to twice a month or so. 

In these dreams, I am so deeply in love with a 'man'.  This man has appeared in the dream as an ex boyfriend, a current partner, or even a stranger.  Like I said, the specifics of the dream vary and are never really important.  But what IS important is the overwhelming, all consuming, almost magical & mystical feeling of love and passion I feel for this man.  The emotion is unlike anything I've ever felt while awake.  Sometimes the dream involves love making, sometimes I am just "with" him, doing nothing.  Sometimes, it's one of those epic dreams -- the ones that seem to last forever and are very complicated with subplots and powerful imagery, etc.   One time, the man was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.   The point of the dream is really just the emotions that are involved --  sometimes they are so strong that I wake up crying and then feel melancholy for the rest of the day.   I've even written a song about it that starts out with the following verse:

     "Into my dream he comes.  Sneaks up from behind...hands over my eyes.  Well, guess who?  I smile because I know.  Amazing man, I always do."

Obviously, the man in the dream is my soul mate, who I don't think I've ever met in my real life, if he exists.  I guess the dream is trying to make me aware of the longing I have inside of me to find this kind of love before it's too late.  My questions though, for anyone who likes to interpret dreams, are: Why is the man different each time, and why does he appear sometimes as one of several ex's and even often as a stranger?   Is this dream really about being in love at all, or could it actually mean something completely different?    Thanks for taking the time to read this!  Any (nice) comments would be greatly appreciated.  :0)

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

It seems that your need to be loved upon bleeds out in your dreams. I've had dreams like that my whole life. They stopped after I got married. Up until then, they guy in my dreams had no face most of the time, but sometimes his face would change during the dream. Very odd, but that's how I interpreted mine. Just needing to be loved. Try going out on a date with this guy while Lucid. It may help a bit. <br />
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Sweet dreams! ^^