I had another dream.. There was this guy who was i think angry at me or hate me.. He is so rich..

He said he will give us money.. Lots of money of we all go down to the basement bec we r in a building.. I think an office building..

So we all went there.. I was kind of dark so i brought candles and matches with me.. Then the guy appeared and openned his big bag and poured out cash.. Bundles of dollars.. Lots of them..

I joined in the group of people hu hurriedly get some cash but i ran away when i got my hands full of cash..

I ran towards another room and laid down facing the ground so no one can see me from the window.. I lit one of my candles Then an old man entered with cash as well..

He sat beside me and began to count his cash.. I just watched him.. Then i heard shots outside.. Lots of them.. I was so scared.. I just laid down and covered my ears..

A muscled guy went into the window and peeked and saw the old man.. He shot the old man and saw me.. I immediately took the candle with fire (was lit) and tried to give it to the guy like im trying to scare him off..

The thing is.. On my mind he looks scared that he thinks im holding a dynamite so he ran off..

Can someone maybe interpret this?

I just had a bad day yesterday.. That i tot maybe its connected to that..
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Dream? You're a CPA. Money will frustrate you even if you become a millionaire