Sorry for the horrible Grammer and stuff. I recorded this dream as soon as i woke up.

I guess it's noteworthy to say that I met this guy a month ago and I have never been in a relationship or vice versa.

How to explain this, so. (I am a girl) Me and my crush apparently we are fiances. I remember hugging him and stuff though I've never physically met him. Anyways, I was about to lose my virginity. About is the keyword. Noticing the penis was large and erect, as it was going inside it felt painful so I told him to stop, I just opted in giving a blow job then we just hugged and fell asleep. In another part, my parents were having a falling out. I guess this is when me and my crush where in a bf/gf phase. Because he sent me a picture of a letter than said. Dont give in or don't pay attention in horrible handwriting. What was wierd was his place was across the street from my grandmothers house. I then proceeded to go over his house and he was surprised and said, the party just ended come in. I saw empty alcohol bottles. I told him what was going on and we just cuddled. But I remember that amazing smile when he saw me. Another segment. I was leaving his house. And was driving in a highway. The car gets stopped after two or three spartan statues hits it and out comes this lady and somebody else. I was told to start a rap battle and I couldn't rap. So after I started like a game what was shown was green, green, yellow and red for how well I was going. After the yellow I couldn't think of anything else so it just stopped. There was a awkward silence. The lady the told me I needed to practice and brought me to this theater type if area. She had a person in what I guess was bdsm fashion and told me to punish/insult the person and I couldnt. She asked me if I wasn't comfortable with it So, she brought out two others a white and a black guy. I didn't pick the black guy because he said but loves the pain! The white guy reminded me of a pig and he said something along the lines of, are we going to start yet? It got wierd but before some reason I said to the lady, "But he is half asian and half white. (Regarding my crush)" Then I was sitting in the seat in the theater. There were many screens but one was emphasized. It had an outline but no tv screen. Someone was sitting behind me looking at that screen while it was trying to readjust to both me and the person. I thought. Well this is sad, but as I gazed longer I could see a rocker type of guy who was smiling and then the dream ended.
AnotherEnoch AnotherEnoch
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014