IN ALL OF MY NIGHTMARES IM ALWAYS CONSTANTLY RUNNING FROM SOMEONE.. It's usually a big man chasing me.. I'm so scared ..& my other main dream, I'm fighting both men or woman .. But as I try to swing to punch them it NEVER fazes them OR as I swing hard at them I am watching my fist travel IN SLOW MOTION .. I NEVER WIN FIGHTS IN MY DREAM.. I'm open for answers 😱😬✌️
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In my opinion, effective ways of combating reoccurring nightmares include lucid dreaming, dream incubation, and dream interpretation (or other waking solutions).

Dream interpretation I believe should not be done in a vacuum so not consulting just a dream dictionary, but rather examining your life and issues and figuring out what could be causing the nightmares - what is causing you stress, what are unresolved problems that your subconscious may be struggling with. Resolving stress and problems in waking life may reduce the occurrence of nightmares (though there is no guarantee because recurring nightmares may stay in subconscious even after the problems in waking life are gone - meditation or mindfulness might help with that though).

Another way of combating nightmares is from within the dream through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill of becoming aware in dreams and learning to control one's dreams, including changing nightmares into positive experiences. To learn how to lucid dream, I would suggest Stephen LaBerge's book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

However, if neither dream interpretation nor other waking life stress reduction techniques nor lucid dreaming work for you, another thing you can try in dream incubation. Every time you have a dream that is a nightmare, in your mind review the dream but change the ending to a positive one, do this both after nightmares and before going to sleep, envision the dreams but with yourself in control. This way you will hopefully set your expectations for a more positive dream the next time.

All the best!

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