Dream: I was standing outside looking up at the sky during the day. The sky was blue and it seemed to be a beautiful day. My mother was standing next to me when I started to see numbers appear in the sky that looked like cloud numbers. I first number I saw was 6 then 9. That's when rows and rows of numbers started to appear in the sky. I had a feeling of excitement wondering what these numbers could mean? I turned to my mother asking her what it was? I don't recall what she had said in return, but thats when I went inside to find my brother laying on the couch. I told him to get up and look outside in the sky. He kept saying he didn't want to and I was begging him to look at the numbers appearing in the sky. He kept saying no so and i remember feeling sad and frustrated that he wouldn't come look. i went back outside where my mother was still standing looking up into the sky. Only this time the numbers looked like they were being produced by a blue light coming from far far on the northern horizon. These rows of numbers appeared to look almost holographic. That's when the number 13 had stuck out to me... and i woke up...
This has been bugging me all day trying to figure out what it means..
I dont dream very often at all (that i can remember) but when i do they are very vivid and i can remember just about everything from the dream.. I have also had experiences with having dreams and they come true.. 3 to be exact.. These prediction dreams that i have had foretold me about natural disaters, fertility (predicted pregnancy), and also death of a friends dog all before they happened...
I'm very curious as to what this means and i have done some research and actually have come up with an interesting theory but i would also like to get input from people to help me figure this one out!
Thank you!
Peace and Love <3
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It's the matrix

lol ya thats quite possible..