Every time I sleep I have the same dream continued.. It starts in a place where there is a very long endless road and on the sides are broken houses, buildings, and trees etc...and what looks like the aftermath of a world war type scenery but the road itself is very clean and looks new with minimum cracks and the sky is cloudy and grey and its very windy and cold. As for myself I inconveniently have extremely high heels on and a short useless black coat.. And in this dream I keep walking forward nonstop I cant stop and if I try looking to my sides I feel like my neck is breaking I have to keep looking forward and the whole dream goes like this and every night it continues I have now gotten to a point where my feet are bleeding in my dream its an unbearable dream I get every time i fall sleep.. anyone has an idea what it could mean ?
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4 Responses Sep 2, 2014

Dreams are just as an important reality as being awake is

please add me lets chat more if it is ok

Are you Happy with your life ? Is there anything bad going on ?

Maybe you are worried about your problems and that you are looking for the daylight at the end of the road and that might be why you are having your dream ? Maybe you just need to talk to someone about your problems ! I can tell you that life is not always full of Happiness but tomorrow is another day ! When I think about all of my problems I get depressed but I always try to smile and laugh because things can always be worst.

Seems like you will survive the toughest stuff, but there will be a price.

It is definitely trying to tell you something. I had a weird dream the other night too. I would love to know the meaning of it.